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Bagels & Spreads

Bagel Options; $1.25each, $7 1/2 Dozen, $11 Bakers Dozen

Plain, Pretzel, Cinnamon Raisin, Whole Wheat, Egg, Pumpernickel, Poppy, Sesame, Cornmeal, Almost Everything (Sesame, Poppy, Cornmeal and Salt), Onion, Garlic, Salt, Salt&Caraway seed, Everything (Sesame, Poppy, Salt, Onion, Garlic).*

*Everything bagels available in original, egg, whole wheat or pumpernickel


Cream Cheese Flavors-

Plain, Vegetable, Scallion, Lox Spread, Jalapeno, Habanero, Strawberry, Olive, Walnut Raisin, Spinach.

on a bagel $2.75

Small container $4.00

Large container $8.00

Vegan Spreads-

Tofutti- available in plain, veg, scallion, lox, olive, strawberry.

on a bagel $3.75

Small container $5.00

Large container $10.00

Vegan Butter also available

Egg sandwiches

1- Egg whites, turkey, Swiss, tomato $4.50

RTG- Taylor Ham, egg, cream cheese, sriracha, honey mustard $4.25

5- Egg, cheddar, apple, honey mustard $3.25

6- Bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo $6.50

10- egg, avocado, scallion, hot sauce $3.50

32- egg, Cheddar, sausage, ketchup, on a toasted and buttered cinnamon raison bagel $4.50

Eli- egg whites, spinach, Swiss, tomato $4.25

JD- egg, chorizo, grilled onions, avocado, jalapenos, pepper jack $6.75

P.E.C.- pastrami, egg, cheese $4.75

56- egg, ham, bacon, roasted red peppers, aioli $5.00

JPP- egg whites, pepper jack, lettuce, jalapeno cream cheese, hot sauce $4.00

CRUUZ- egg, chorizo, grilled onions, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo $5.75

A Boy Named Suh- Egg, salami, habanero cream cheese, hot sauce $4.00

The End- egg, cheddar, lettuce, cuke, special sauce $4.25

DMG- local egg, cheddar, tomato, turkey, jalapenos, hot sauce, lettuce $6.75

Steak n’ Egg- egg, grilled beef, grilled onions, provolone $5.00

28- double egg, facon, lettuce, ketchup, venagaise $5.00

The Banjo- egg, sausage, swiss, mustard, on a pretzel bagel $4.50

Hot Sandwiches

Cubano- Grilled beef, ham, swiss, pickles, aioli $7.25

25 Mile- melted cheddar, bacon, avocado, tomato $7.00

Tara- grilled ham, melted swiss, honey mustard $6.25

BBRueben- pastrami, swiss, slaw, russian $8.50

Cheesesteak- Grilled beef, grilled onions, three cheese combo. $8.00

ESQ- Grilled turkey, grilled onions, cheddar, jalapenos, special sauce $8.50

Gorman Smash- Grilled beef, pepper jack, aioli, on a pretzel bagel $7.75

Pete Seeger- pastrami, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mustard $8.50

Knuckle Sandwiches

Knuckle- cream cheese and bacon $3.75

Jinni- scallion cream cheese, bacon and tomato $4.25

Casey- peanut butter and bacon $3.50

Popeye’s Knuckle- spinach cream cheese and bacon $4.00

Erin- cream cheese, bacon, tomato, onion $4.40

Cold Sandwiches

BLT- Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo $5.50

Turkey Club- Turkey, BLT, mayo $8.00

Nico- Turkey, salami, bacon, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce $8.00

Holiday Turkey- Turkey, cheddar, apple, honey mustard $7.50

The Other Turkey- turkey, lettuce, cheddar, cuke, carrots, dash o’ salt $8.00

The Calvin- ham, coleslaw, swiss, mustard, on a pretzel bagel $7.50

Turkey & Slaw- turkey, swiss, slaw, Russian $8.00

Double Threat- turkey, salami, roasted red peppers, provolone, mayo $8.50

The Italian- ham, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, salt and pepper, oil and vinegar, mayo $8.50

Mrs. Bagel Guy- chicken salad, bacon, lettuce $8.00

Loaded Lox- cream cheese, lox, tomato, onion, capers, lemon squeeze $7.00

Lucys Lox- jalapeno cream cheese, lox, avocado, lemon squeeze $8.25

The X Factor- turkey,bacon, avocado, tomato, chipotle mayo $9.00

Egg salad $6

Chicken salad $6.50


Breakfast Burrito- 3 eggs, chorizo, avocado, cheddar and pepper jack, homemade salsa $8.38

Vegan Burrito- homemade tofu scramble, vegan sausage, Nutritional yeast, avocado, homemade salsa $10.81

Vegan and Almost Vegan

Vegan Delight- Tofutti, avocado, cuke, carrot, onion, lettuce $6.75

Veggie Crunch- hummus, cuke, carrots, lettuce $5.75

F.L.T.- facon, lettuce, tomato, veganaise $5.50

F.L.A.T.- facon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, veganaise $6.75

Vegan Italian- hummus, olive, roasted red peppers, lettuce $6.00

The commuter- peanut butter and apple $3.25

Art’s Jam- hummus, veggie sausage, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce, veganaise, on a scooped, toasted bagel $6.00

ATeam- facon, avocado, slaw, cuke $5.50

Veggie Bliss- veggie sausage, tofutti, avocado, sriracha, honey mustard $6.25, add egg for $.75

As Is- tofutti, tomato, hot sauce, on a well toasted, scooped bagel $4.50

25 Meatless Miles- facon, cheddar, avocado, tomato $6.00

Cool Crunch- hummus, pickles, carrots, coleslaw $6.00

The Gansett- whole wheat bagel scooped and toasted with avocado, sriracha, salt and pepper $4.30

*Wraps and Gluten Free bagels available at an additional cost. Please be sure to inform us of any allergies.*

Salad Bar (over chopped romaine lettuce)

1- Bacon, avocado, red oinion, tomato, lemon poppy seed dressing $9.00

2- Crazins, garbanzo beans, green peppers, carrots, cucumber, honey mustard dressing $7.00

3- Chicken salad, raisins, walnuts, red onion $9.00

4- Egg, carrot, celery, green pepper, almond, honey mustard dressing $7.00

Organic and Fair Trade Coffee

Espresso- single $2.50 double $3.00

Cappucino- single $3.25 double $4.00

Latte- single $3.25 double $4.00

Americano- single $2.75 double $3.25

Red eye- single $3.25 double $3.75

Mocha Latte- single $3.75 double $4.25

Hot chocolate- single $3.25 double $3.75

Yes Soy-ree- single $4.25 double $4.75

Drip coffee (medium or dark roast)- small $1.75 medium $2.00 Large $2.25

Flavor shots- small $.50 medium $.75